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Best Rice Cooker Reviews

Looking through the best rice cooker reviews, you may be surprised to see the numerous choices on the market. Rice cookers are ideal for small kitchens or students because they free up burner space. They produce perfect results every time.

Bellow you can find a table with our top picks. If you’re interested to find out how we made our decisions, or just to get a little bit more understanding on rice cookers, you can read our guide bellow the chart.

Name Rating Best Deal
Zojirushi NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer


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Panasonic SRG06FG 3.3-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker


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Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer with Induction Heating System, Stainless Steel


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Sanyo ECJ-M100S Micro-Computerized 10-Cup Rice Cooker


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Aroma ARC-733G 3-Cup Rice Cooker & Food Steamer


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Busy cooks will appreciate the models with programmable features that will provide perfectly cooked, hot rice at the exact time you want it. They are more versatile than the name implies.

Some rice cookers can also cook hot cereal, soups, stews or steam vegetables. There are varying amounts of features you can choose from, along with varying prices.

Size and Material

When searching through the best rice cooker reviews, choose the size that corresponds to the serving size you would typically intend to make.

Using a larger cooker for smaller amounts of rice will not produce ideal results. Overfilling a rice cooker that is too small will cause boiling over. Sizes range from three cups to ten cups in capacity.

The average family will most likely find the five cup size will work for them. When buying a Japanese-made rice cooker, keep in mind the Japanese cup is smaller than an American cup. Keep the measuring cup that comes with the cooker for measuring.

Rice cookers are available in aluminum or stainless steel, with or without a nonstick coating.

Types of Rice Cookers

The on-off type cookers are the most basic; they cook the rice, and then turn off automatically when the water is absorbed.

They are the least expensive, and are very easy to find. They do not have steaming capabilities or non-stick trays, but if rice is all you want, they will do the job well.

The cook-and-keep-warm type of cooker will cook the rice, and then keep it warm until the unit is unplugged. Some of these units will include non-stick pans and steamer features. These models are usually moderately priced.

The electronic cook-and-keep-warm cookers are the most sophisticated type. These units will cook the rice and keep it warm for up to twelve hours.

There are several settings for cooking different types of rice. These types of machines will typically be able to do things other than rice.

Fuzzy logic cookers actually have a computer chip inside that allows them to detect the need for adjustments in temperature or cooking time. These offer settings for desired rice texture, such as wet, hard or sticky.

Most of them also have a quick cycle, which eliminates the soaking stage for those nights when you need it done fast.

Induction cookers are the most sophisticated. They use a magnetic field that produces an electrical current to produce heat. These machines are supposed to be smarter than us.

If there is an error in our measuring, this machine can detect the need to adjust the temperature or the time. Because this type of cooker has the most control over temperature, it provides the best results.

These types of machines are rather expensive; if your budget is small, choose a more basic type.

How They Work

Rice cookers are extremely easy to use. Simply measure the desired amount of rice and pour it into the rice pot. The instructions should provide a guide for the amount of rice needed for the desired serving size.

Be sure to use the measuring cup provided with the rice cooker to get the right ratio of rice to water.

Experts recommend you always rinse your rice by filling the pot halfway with water. Stir it around; the rice should sink to the bottom, and you will be able to pour off the murky water. Repeat the process until the water looks clearer.

The next step is to measure out the water to cook the rice. Different styles of rice require different ratios, but usually one part rice to two parts water works well. If your rice is mushy, use less water.

If it is too raw, use more water. Bouillon cubes can be added if you want enhanced flavor. Simply put on the lid and turn it on.

Resist the temptation to lift the lid; this lets the steam escape. When the cooking cycle is complete, do not lift the lid immediately. Wait a few minutes to let it rest, then enjoy.

Below is a list of some of the most popular and highly rated rice cooker models, beginning with the cheapest and ending with the most expensive:

Aroma ARC-733G 3-Cup Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

This is a small model; it would be ideal for an individual or a couple. It prepares two to six cups of prepared rice. This is equivalent to one to three cups of uncooked rice. When the rice is done cooking, the machine switches to the warming mode to keep it hot until serving. The inner pot is removable for cleaning, and it includes a glass lid. Reviewers gave it a four-star rating. Most reviewers were happy with its service, but some complained of rice sticking to the bottom of the pot because it does not have a non-stick surface. It is not dishwasher safe so you must clean it by hand. This is the least expensive option.

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Panasonic SRG06FG 3.3-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker

This model is slightly larger in capacity and is slightly more expensive. Reviewers gave it mostly four-star ratings. It has a function to keep the rice warm after cooking, a glass lid, and it has a non-stick surface. Reviewers were happy with the rice, the ease of cleaning, and they liked the small and convenient size. Some complaints were about the non-stick surface degrading over time.

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Sanyo ECJ-M100S Micro-Computerized 10-Cup Rice Cooker

This is a large capacity rice cooker. It is more expensive than the other two, but it is still very reasonably priced. It received four and a half stars from reviewers. It has a computer chip with fuzzy logic technology. It has the capability of cooking soup, cakes, and it can steam vegetables. It has a fifteen hour timer, re-heat and keep warm functions and a non-stick interior. Most reviewers said they were very satisfied with the value. Most cookers that have this many functions are more expensive.

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Zojirushi NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

This cooker is a small capacity Japanese model. Reviewers gave it a four and a half star rating. It has a keep-warm function, a timer and a non-stick interior. It is approximately double the price of the ten-cup Sanyo. Discerning rice-eaters were very satisfied with its performance, and praised it for the restaurant-quality rice that it produced. The main complaint of the reviewers was the capacity of the cooker is only two cups for white rice, not three.

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Zojirushi NP-HBC10 5-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer with Induction Heating System, Stainless Steel

This is the most expensive option, but it received many great reviews, averaging at four and a half stars. It has a five and a half cup rice capacity. It uses induction heating, which is the most sophisticated method, and produces the best results. Reviewers were overjoyed with the rice; their only complaint was in regards to the price.

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Simplify your life by browsing the best rice cooker reviews and purchasing one for yourself. If you’re thinking of someone else, they make a great gift.


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